I must say that it has been great to work with you guys at VRT. I rarely find vendors to be so responsive.

Andrew Suckling, Forefront Resource Group
October 2013

In 2011, John Paul College (JPC) was in the middle of Stage 1 of the installation of an Energy Management System (EMS) based on products from a major international supplier of energy efficiency products. At a time when JPC was in crucial need of support for a delicate software migration exercise, they were let down seriously by their supplier who had just aggregated several regional Asia/Pacific support centres to a new centralised centre in China. Unfortunately they had lost their key support people during the transition.

Lucas Gilroy, John Paul College
June 2013

The VRT project was one of the few contributors to this complex, multifaceted major upgrade that came in on time, on budget and worked first time, and it was possibly the most technically challenging component of the whole system.

Greg Potter, Senior Control Systems Engineer, Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal
March 2008

The RUMS is a state of the art metering and monitoring system that provides real time sub-metering capability at Gallipoli Barrack. It provides accurate and comprehensive electricity consumption data for all units located within the Barracks. The RUMS is allowing Defence to implement an ongoing Energy Management strategy within South Queensland, which will help us to improve energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Kevin Bridge, Regional Energy and Sustainability Manager, Australian Department of Defence
June 2010

At Capcoal we are using VRT's PlantPortal™ to publish live production data from several of our sites on our Intranet. This has great value to the casual user, especially on the back shifts. It is often the first thing checked at the start of the shift. It provides an instant overview of the operations and performance of the plant, and is so simple to use.

Stewart McKain - IT Co-ordinator, Capricorn Coal (Anglo Coal)
November 1999

When one of our divisions required a mission critical information system that required both engineering and IT skills (PLC and Oracle), we knew that very few companies could provide a total solution. We approached VRT and they implemented the system successfully on time and on budget.

Geoff Vandenberg - Ex IT Manager, Mount Isa Mines
October 1999

VRT Systems had supplied exceptional systems and service to me with my last employer, so when I changed companies, I had no hesitation in approaching them again. They have recently installed their PlantPortal™ system which provides web browser access to operational data for me and my staff. They supplied the right solution to my problem.

Brian Wyatt - Coal Handing Prep Plant Manager, Newlands Coal
October 2000

VRT Systems designed and installed a complex Electronic Weighing & Billing System that transfers data from weighbridges located all over Queensland into the mainframe billing system in head office. This system had a ROR of less than 12 months and continues to save us a lot of money.

Brian Phelan - Information Services Officer, Queensland Rail
February 1998

VRT Systems built and support our real time, Oracle based Product Weighing, Loading and Despatch (PWLD) system. Their engineering background results in a pragmatic approach which suits our requirements well. It also means they understand our requirements for 24 x 7 operation, data integration and compliance with existing Company IT and hardware standards.

Geoff Rainford - Product Scheduling Superintendent, Mount Isa Mines Ltd.
June 1999