WideSky and Smart Buildings Summit 2018

See VRT's WideSky Disruptive Technology at work at the Smart Buildings Summit for 2018.


VRT is continuing on its recent path of bringing digital disruption to some traditional industries - this time the buildings industry - through its WideSky based technology solutions - IoT, cloud etc.

The Smart Buildings Summit is being held in the Swissotel Sydney on the 28th - 29th November 2018.

WideSky: born in the cloud, with Haystack inside.

As an exhibitor, VRT Systems would like to extend an invitation to all our partners both in Sydney and other locations to come and see our WideSky based solutions for buildings.

Please email us at  sales@vrt.com.au if you would like to attend and we will arrange a free ticket for you (that will save you mega bucks) and come visit VRT's WideSky building energy monitoring system technology at Stand 10.


Get an early insight into how we have fused open source technologies from the likes of Google, Amazon, Facebook, Grafana, Project Haystack and others into a tightly integrated, easy to use smart data platform for buildings.

We are always up for a challenge

Bring your questions and quandaries, and challenge our engineers and Smart Building Services developers to come up with innovative solutions to assist your business!