What Scottie saw after the IPWEA International Smart Lighting Conference

VRT recently conducted a very successful exhibition stand at the IPWEA International Street Lighting + Smart Controls Conference. Our stand attracted many of the delegates not only to see our new TransLEDer luminaire but also to see our unique Smart City Dashboard. In addition to the conference, on Friday morning we hosted 18 industry leading delegates to our recently upgraded Smart City Living Lab in our Brisbane offices.

Delegates in Living Lab


We were surprised and honoured to have a VIP visitor. Scottie Hutto from the USA utility giant Georgia Power took time out of his busy schedule in Australia after presenting to the Conference, to visit the VRT Lab on Saturday night. (He wanted to see the new TransLEDer street lights after dark.)

Scottie is the Manager of the Smart Lighting Networks for Georgia Power. He is responsible for the world's largest fleet of smart lights, currently exceeding 100,000 and growing at the rate of around 8,000 per month.

In addition to the TransLEDer luminaires, which were recently successful in the Auckland Transport tender, Scottie also got to witness a demonstration of the Paradox Engineering (PE) 6LoWPAN smart light control system in our Lab and car park. As part of our Living Lab concept, the urls for three (3) TransLEDer luminaires and several internal LED lights have been made available to interested third parties to "play" with. Email sales@vrt.com.au if you'd like these login details.

Scottie mentioned he was impressed with the TransLEDer and control solution, and also with VRT's recently released Smart City Dashboard.

VRT Systems MD, John Meehan, also expressed gratitude for some of the valuable international marketing tips passed on to him by Scottie during this "personal showing".


VRT Smart City Dashboard


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