VRT Celebrates its 25th Year

2012 marks the 25th year of business for VRT Systems. We began life in 1987 in Perth as Vector International Pacific (VIP). The focus of our business at that time was as distributors and integrators for the MacroView SCADA product. In 1993, the company relocated to Park Road Brisbane. Early SCADA projects focused on MacroView, and as VIP expanded, we diversified from doing only MacroView implementation projects, into a wide range of industrial systems integration projects.

In the mid 1990s, to mark its broadening focus, the company re-branded as VRT Systems. We survived the Y2K transition, and in the early 2000s, moved to Gardner Close in Milton, where we are still located today. Recent years have seen the company grow and diversify further, and we now operate in fields as broad as Automation & Control, Energy Management, Track & Trace, and Advanced Visualisation Systems. Through all of this, we are proud to have retained the loyalty of many long-standing customers, with some having unbroken support agreements running for well over 20 years.

2012 now brings the company to a major milestone, our silver anniversary, and with that we're taking the opportunity to refresh our image. If you've visited the VRT Website before, we hope that you agree that this is a vast improvement!

VRT celebrates 25 years