VRT Appointed as a Schneider Systems Integration Partner

"Schneider Electric Alliance is a network of international independent system integrators who wish to offer their customers the excellence of their know-how and the best technological solutions."

Over the last 5 years, Schneider Electric has significantly increased its emphasis on energy management products and services in all aspects of its business. One of the expanded initiatives is to appoint, train and authorise specialist organisations as Systems Integration Partners (SIP). VRT is pleased to announce that it has been accredited as one of these SIPs.

Schneider has a very broad range of power meters and monitoring software - lower and mid level products from its acquisition of Square D many years ago, and mid and upper level ION products from the acquisition of Power Measurements Ltd more recently.

In addition to power metering, current energy management systems typically incorporate many other related elements, including BMS (Building Management System), intelligent power protection devices and circuit breakers, networking, SCADA, etc. Schneider Electric has products in all of these areas and can therefore provide a one-stop-shop solution in the most comprehensive of situations. At the very least, Schneider and its SIP partners have a very good understanding of the interrelationships and the best fit for purpose of these various product families.

Schneider Electric