Tools to help combat the pressures from the Global Financial Crisis

Many companies are keen to better utilise in-house staff and reduce their reliance on third parties to reduce operating costs and to help retain valued staff. VRT has been working with some of our customers to develop tools that help them achieve that. This article describes two such tools that add value to CitectSCADA projects: Enhanced Security System and Dynamic Equipment Locator.

Enhanced Security System for CitectSCADA:

VRT has developed a separate user security system that provides enhanced fine-grained privilege control, with a web based management interface, and corporate directory integration.

This system allows user security to be managed outside CitectSCADA, either via a web based console or conventional domain account management. By removing the need to "compile in" user account information, there is a further reduction in the number of recompile operations. This tool also improves the productivity of local staff.

Key features:

  • SQL based security model provides for much finer-grained control of user privileges than the standard CitectSCADA security model.
  • Active Directory (& LDAP) plugin allows account credentials to be synchronised from a corporate directory.
  • Web-based management console allows easy management of SCADA privileges for user accounts.
  • Privilege and user account information is stored locally on each node to provide for login and privilege checking even if the domain controller is unavailable (no reduction in system reliability).
  • Single-Sign-On (SSO) with Windows account credentials.
  • Fine-Grained privilege system allows for finer-grained control over user actions.

Dynamic Equipment Location Capability for CitectSCADA:

VRT has developed Citect tools that enable a non-CitectSCADA trained plant operator or technical services personnel to reposition certain equipment on a CitectSCADA schematic screen to reflect physical relocation in the process plant.

This has many applications, including: relocation of gas sensors, signal line devices and conveyor belts in underground coal mines. Changes require the appropriate user privileges and are logged for future reference. There is no requirement to recompile a Citect project and changes are immediately available system-wide.

As many companies are keen to better utilise in-house staff and reduce their reliance on third parties to help combat the pressures from the Global Financial Crisis, tools such as these help them achieve that goal. Do you have applications in your operations where such a tools could help to improve your productivity and reduce your operating costs?

Key features include:

  • Dynamic labelling of sensors and alarms, e.g. gas.
  • Dynamic positioning of sensor points on a plan, map or layout.
  • Pan and zoom capability.
  • User configurable.