PlantPortal now on the World Wide Web

VRT developed the first version of its PlantPortal product in 1996 to give CSR managers based in Brisbane a real-time monitoring capability to their automation system in the Ord River sugar mill based in Kunnunurra in the northwest of WA, via a simple web browser interface. This all ran on CSR's private wide area network.

All of the subsequent PlantPortal systems delivered by VRT for its customers, including Xstrata, BMA, RTCA, Anglo Coal, Tarong Energy, etc. have run on the company's private intranet, with any off-site access secured by a corporate VPN. In conjunction with Queensland Transport (QT), VRT has now implemented the first PlantPortal delivered to the web. The system is read-only, and uses a proxy server to relay all requests for data and ensure that the MacroView SCADA servers are not directly accessible from the web. This provides a secure method of enabling QT and Translink staff to connect to their real-time MacroView monitoring system via the World Wide Web.