MacroView Acquired by Sentient

Sentient Computing is the now the sole owner of MacroView, a well established SCADA/HMI product originally developed in WA in the early 1990s. VRT Systems has been the exclusive distributor of MacroView in Queensland since its initial introduction into the Australian market.

VRT has also implemented MacroView systems overseas including Japan and Vietnam. VRT has maintained an unbroken relationship with the various owners of the MacroView IP, and this continues with Sentient.

The largest single MacroView installation in Australia is at Wesfarmers CSBP with more than 180,000 I/O across 6 sites. CSBP is a major chemical and fertilizer manufacturer in WA. There are over 500 MacroView systems operating in the USA, many in the CEMS (Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems) area.

Other notable Australia MacroView users include Bluescope Steel, Golden Circle, Public Transport Authority (WA), Queensland Transport, Queensland Rail, Iluka Resources, Xstrata, Coogee Chemicals, Railcorp NSW, Rio Tinto, Carpentaria Gold and JNFL (Japan).