Green Building Council of Australia awards 6 Star Green Stars to VRT premium customers

VRT would like to congratulate four of our premium customers on their recent and amazing, Australian first achievements of winning impressive GBCA (Green Building Council of Australia) Green Star awards in their respective categories:



  • Lendlease for achieving 6 Star Green Star Office Design (v3) ratings for each of the three towers of International Towers Sydney, 5 Star Green Star Multi Unit Residential v1 design ratings for the Anadara and Alexander residential buildings and for getting a 6 Star Green Star - Communities PILOT v0.2 rating for the Barangaroo South precinct, scoring an unprecendented 104.98 out of a possible 110 points.

  • Floth Sustainable Building Consultants for achieving 6 Star Green Star rating - Green Star Design and As Build v1.1, for their new head office at 69 Robinson Street, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane.








  • Daisho Co. for achieving 6 Star Green Star rating - Office Design (v3) and Office As Built (v3) for 180 (Ann Street) Brisbane.

We are also proud to have played our part in helping NEXTDC gain an industry leading NABERS rating:

  • NEXTDC's M1 Data Centre is the first data centre in Australia to operate at a NABERS 4.5 star level

VRT supplied a variety of power, water and gas metering and monitoring systems incorporating a wide variety of meter and software types and brands.  This contributed in small way to building up the Green Star ratings for Lendlease's Anadara and Alexander residential buildings, Floth's 69 Robinson Street building, Daisho's 180 Brisbane Building and the NABERS point count for NEXTDC's M1 Data Centre, especially in the "innovation points" area.

VRT also achieved a few firsts of our own, with the collaboration of these customers. These projects were the first to implement VRT's new IoT management platform, WideSky, on a large scale. Lendlease Living Utilities' monitoring system combined with WideSky's TenantView at Barangaroo, records in excess of 1.3 million meter readings per day.   This data is then available to the residential and retail tenants of Anadara and Alexander via TenantView and VRT submits thermal energy data to Lendlease Living utilities and solar energy and water consumption data  to the billing services provider in the form of NEM12 and NEM13 files.

Another first is the provision of real time tenant consumption feedback from their power and 5 types of water meter using their BYOD (devices) browsers via VRT's WideSky TenantView.  This secure feedback is available in seconds - anywhere, anytime. Floth is also using this app to make it's building consumption data available to its employees and visitors.


This form of personalised display is also ideally suited to shopping centre tenants.

More information on WideSky is available on:

A Case Study on the Barangaroo project is available for download here:


Awarded Queensland's first 6 Star Green Star - Office Design v3 building, 180 Brisbane by Daisho  is an exceptional example of world leading practical sustainable design and innovative thinking in the commercial sector. 

VRT supplied the CETA PecStar EMS system with integration to the BMS and other sub-systems.  Additional Green Star Innovation points were awarded for the large foyer display system designed and delivered by VRT, which displays real-time building operational performance and public transport information.

In another first, VRT delivered a live, interactive, social media feed onto the large foyer display system.  This system enables users of social media anywhere in the world to have their content (subject to filters set by the building owner/operator) displayed on the large public display in the building foyer, for all present to see.


NABERS Success

NEXTDC Limited, Australia's leading Data-Centre-as-a-Service provider, announced in June 2016 that its M1 data centre, located in Port Melbourne, has been certified to be operating at a NABERS 4.5 star level of energy efficiency.


As the first data centre in Australia to operate at a NABERS 4.5 star level, M1 is realising the NABERS intent to genuinely benchmark efficiency and support the long term sustainability of the DC industry.


VRT is looking forward to introducing more BIoT (Building IoT) and big data analysis and visualisation technologies to these industry leaders over the next few years.


More information on WideSky is available on

A better understanding of the value of TenantView can be gained by downloading the brochure