A Flood of Energy Management Systems

Energy Management is becoming an increasing priority for so many of our customers. In the last few months, we have delivered a wide range of services and Energy Management Systems (EMS) projects for customers including:

  • Gladstone Ports Corporation
  • Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal
  • John Paul College
  • Broad Construction (Aspire Schools Project)
  • Department of Defence (SQ)
  • DSTO Edinburgh
  • Gold Coast University Hospital

These projects have offered up some challenging integration opportunities, including a real mix of brands and technologies such as Schneider Electric, SATEC and EDMI meters, water and gas pulse meters, VRT’s WAGES HubTM, ION Enterprise, RUMS and SCADA, software systems, GSM, Next G and wireless mesh networks. Single vendor product systems were in the extreme minority.

Several of these projects involve some unique integration features and new multi-vendor interfaces, and will be featured in future editions of VRT eNews.