Energy Forecasting System for Xstrata at the Isa

In the mid 90s, VRT built a very comprehensive energy management system, including adaptable load shedding, for the Isa Mine complex. More recently we added a web based energy forecasting module.

The demand/supply situation at Mt Isa is characteristic of many remote mining sites, in that a single generator (CS Energy) has a dominant customer (Xstrata).In order to maintain the integrity of the system (and manage commercial contractual requirements), Xstrata has to accurately forecast its energy requirements.

VRT has developed an energy forecasting system that enables each Xstrata business unit to forecast its requirements up to a month ahead through a simple web browser based system, which is integrated with the overall energy management system. This helps to improve the integrity of the overall system, as well as minimising contractual penalties for both parties.

According to Energy Management Superintendent, Greg Will, the accumulated benefits of this integrated monitoring, forecasting and load shedding system will far exceed the cost of the system.