The Case for an ESI (Energy Systems Integrator)

A raft of Government and legislative initiatives such as EEO, EEGO, NGER, ETS, etc. are driving businesses to implement systems to reduce the consumption of energy and to reduce their carbon footprints. These are increasingly called WAGES (Water Air Gas Electricity and Steam) monitoring systems.These systems are rapidly increasing in technical complexity and in requirements to integrate with other forms of computing systems.

Elements of these systems typically form parts of contract packages tendered and managed by a variety of engineering disciplines. Because they represent a minor part (cost wise) of any particular contract and because they are poorly understood, in general, they often represent an afterthought. Because of our extensive experience in this area, VRT was recently approached by a major contracting organisation to prepare a discussion paper and recommend a solution to their particular situation. A generic version of this document is available for those who are also interested in coming to grips with this growing problem area.

Case for ESI