Brisbane Buses go Underground: King George Square Bus Station

Queensland Transport's Inner Northern Busway (INB), including the underground bus station below King George Square in the Brisbane CBD, was completed in May 2008, ahead of time and below budget.

VRT Systems provided the overall systems integration role for all of the ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems), as well as the PLC programming and SCADA configuration.

Because VRT has provided this level of service to all stages of the Busway development since its inception in the late 1990s, it has played an important role in maintaining a consistent standard for all automation and software components.

The INB brings the total number of bus stations to 18 and monitored tunnels to 10. The number of variables monitored in real time by the Windows 2003 based MacroView SCADA system now exceeds 15,000. 2009 will see the addition of bus stations associated with the Boggo Road and Northern Busway sections. Current plans call for the approximate doubling of the eventual size of this system.