Xstrata Copper - Product Tracking System

Xstrata Copper

Product Tracking System

The XTrack platform is the result of a joint R&D effort between Xstrata Technology and VRT Systems. The Product Tracking System was designed to provide Xstrata Copper with the ability to track finished product inventory levels and provide traceability of individual bundles.

The key purposes of this are:

  • Improve the visibility of product inventory at various points in the supply chain.
  • Improve the ability to detect missing product, and provide the means to easily locate the last known location for such product.
  • Provide a platform for improved reporting of supply chain performance, and that of transport service providers.
  • Provide for more accurate and timely revenue recognition.


  • Industrial, high power laser scanners
  • Industrial "Appliance" (high reliability)
  • P-Trak platform
  • Oracle central database
  • XML format for data communications


  • Data replicated in scanner and central database
  • Automatic data uploads
  • Supports end and intermediate nodes
  • Operator data entry and override
  • LAN, dial-up and wireless connections
  • Data transfer validation

Solutions used