Object Server

VRT's Visual Workplace Object Server is a container for industry specific ontologies in the realm of industrial automation and SCADA systems and is used as the basis for displaying and storing information in real time and in 3D.

VRT's Visual Workplace Object Server provides large scale operations with:

  • high-speed data updates from traditional telemetry and control system sources,
  • the combination of data from maintenance, tracking and HR systems from the business realm,
  • mapping of the equipment and environment in your operation,
  • data from sources that are inherently spatial (and well suited for visualisation) but not well catered for by existing integration technologies; such as
    • laser scanner point clouds
    • GIS systems
    • core sampling databases
    • volumetric stockpile models
    • geological datasets, and so on.

All concentrated into a single, coherent and dynamic model of the enterprise.

In this context, “model” is being used to describe an object graph representing your operation, and it's a live model in which its properties update in real time as the world around changes and data is fed into the system. It's a model that understands the flow of time and can be seamlessly rolled back in time from “now” to recent or even distant history and replayed – in slow motion, at normal speed, or high speed.

It's also a system that recognises that the same object graph representing “your operation” might be used for future planning or what-if scenarios – where the data isn't being streamed in live from the outside world, but is being provided by planning software or a simulation engine.

By taking care of the complexity in this way, VRT's Visual Workplace Object Server enables the creation of applications that truly are whole-of-operation and provide a holistic view of operations to the application users.