Metering and Sensing

For the past 20 years, VRT have been involved in the import, distribution and integration of meters for almost all the major manufacturers, in water, gas, thermal and electrical meters. These days we leave the import and distribution of product to our partners CETA, so we can focus on integrating meters for our customers.

Our experience with all the major meter manufacturers (CET, Circutor, EDMI, SATEC, Schneider, Siemens, SOCOMEC and others) means that we're uniquely placed to understand their various strengths and weaknesses, quirks and shortcomings, and can help you choose the best fit for your requirements. If you have a particular preference, we're willing and able to work with any brand, model, or protocol, whether open or proprietary (though we do like and advocate open standards). Our expertise spans the range right from simple pulse meters, through to advanced power quality analysers with high speed waveform capture and event recording capabilities.

In addition to energy meters, our extensive experience in the industrial automation and instrumentation worlds means that we also bring to bear our experience with adjacent sensing technologies, whether related to power network control systems, weather or environmental monitoring.