Systems Integration is our Specialty

Every solution we deliver is custom built to meet each customer’s requirements, so integration is a key element in everything we do. VSuite solutions are designed to seamlessly integrate all elements of the suite with each other, and with your existing systems, processes and infrastructure.

Each suite comprises a combination of off-the-shelf and bespoke products and technologies which we then tailor and configure accordingly. Our philosophy is to employ a top-down approach to planning and design, and a bottom-up approach to development and implementation.

Flexibility and a modular approach to systems is our core operating methodology. From a standalone training module to a full scale longwall mining suite, we can develop an efficient and seamless solution to meet your individual needs.

  • Integration with existing SCADA/MES/PIMS platforms, including Schneider, Rockwell, MacroView and others
  • Integration of industrial (real time) systems with business systems
  • Stationary and mobile platforms and applications
  • Bespoke software development

Project Management

Solutions delivered by VRT are varied and span engineering and IT disciplines. To ensure the quality and consistency of our solutions, we follow IEC standards and guidelines.

VRT have a track record for delivering projects on time. This is achieved by determining and clearly defining customer requirements and guaranteeing that those requirements are met. Regular reviews are scheduled throughout the process in order to keep the project on track.

We are sufficiently flexible to satisfy the requirements of both small and large projects owing to the modular nature of our architecture.

Software Development

At VRT we use modern software development techniques to deliver reliable software solutions.  We favour looking to the existing software applications and platforms which we can tailor to your business needs.  A skilled development team will then customise the off-the-shelf software, or create bespoke software solutions to suit the project.  Development is done using Agile methodology to deliver a high level of business value, yet retain the flexibility to adjust to changing business needs.  Our team uses the Atlassian suite of products to track our software development from inception through to automatic deployment.

Our team is full versed in most modern software development techniques, architectures, languages, storage mechanisms, database technologies and communications protocols.

Microsoft Technologies

  • Visual Basic and .NET programming
  • MS SQL server
  • MS Report Services
  • Microsoft IIS Web Server


  • Micro-services
  • REST - API Development for extensibility by customer
  • Cloud or on-prem based deployment

Linux and Open Source

  • Web Based Applications
  • Apache or nginx Web Server
  • Message Bus technologies, MQIT, AMQP
  • MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, NoSQL, Influx databases
  • PHP, Python, Perl Scripting, NodeJS
  • JQuery, AngularJS and Bootstrap

Graphics and Visualisation

  • Tableau
  • Grafana
  • Unity

Low-level Application Integration

  • Communications drivers and application integration
  • Low-level, compiled (C/C++)
  • CTAPI (Citect API)
  • Scripting (Perl, Bash, WSH)
  • Web Services interfaces