Demand Response


Load Curtailment

Regardless of whether you are directly exposed to market pricing, if you consume energy at times of peak demand, you will pay a premium for it. Many industrial and commercial consumers with energy-intensive operations may meet the criteria for contestable supply arrangements under the National Energy Market. If your organisation has exposure to the spot market, or is considering moving to spot market pricing, effective load curtailment is crucial.









Global Roam are the leading supplier of market information software and systems for energy traders, market regulators, and energy users on the national energy market. Global Roam's deSide® software facilitates Demand Side Response (or curtail-ability) in the NEM by providing a live feed of market conditions, along with forecast price movements. If your operation has some flexibility in when you consume energy, then VRT can develop an on-line optimisation utilising our NEM Gateway, leveraging the information offered by deSide thereby implementing control strategies to minimise your energy costs.

Even without the sophistication of market-price-driven response mechanisms, some consumers (particularly those operating loads with thermal inertia or cycling loads) can reduce peak demand charges by introducing demand minimisation control strategies, effectively “peak lopping”.

Energy Storage

The expertise VRT has gained through our work with supply reliability (such as the integration of emergency and alternate power sources) makes us well placed to assist with systems that integrated alternative energy sources such as battery and other energy storage technologies that can assist with demand reduction through load-shifting.

As an integrator of these technologies, and with a strong network of organisations with which we have successfully delivered projects, VRT is well placed to provide turn-key solutions in this area.