Many companies are keen to better utilise in-house staff and reduce their reliance on third parties to reduce operating costs and to help retain valued staff. VRT has been working with some of our customers to develop tools that help them achieve that.

Schneider Electric
"Schneider Electric Alliance is a network of international independent system integrators who wish to offer their customers the excellence of their know-how and the best technological solutions."

VRT has recently converted several of its Japanese MacroView customers from the Solaris operating system to Linux. Over 500 MacroView systems are operating worldwide.

Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency

Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme (CPRS) legislation is constantly in the news these days. While the politicians bicker, businesses are putting in the hard yards behind the scenes to measure and account for their greenhouse related emissions.

iMV smartphone application

Wireless technology is ubiquitous, and the acceptance of 3G mobile communications has allowed users to have access to information services that had once been the stuff of science fiction.

GHG Reduction

David Halstead previously ran the VRT2000 Y2K services business in the late 1990s. Now we have brought David back to build onto the existing energy management business base.

3D Longwall Model

In conjunction with BMA Broadmeadow, VRT has developed a graphical simulator that is used to train maintenance and operations personnel. These have been developed in 2D dynamic "Flash" graphics. VRT is now upgrading these to 3D and adding more external controls, games technology, etc.


In the mid 90s, VRT built a very comprehensive energy management system, including adaptable load shedding, for the Isa Mine complex. More recently we added a web based energy forecasting module.

Department of Defence

VRT has recently completed a major upgrade of the ESN (Engineering Services Network) at the Department of Defence's Enoggera Barracks in Brisbane.

Sentient Computing

Sentient Computing is the now the sole owner of MacroView, a well established SCADA/HMI product originally developed in WA in the early 1990s.