VSuite is VRT's modular approach to systems integration - in each VSuite we have a reference architecture that supports a range of different component options, and we select the best fit for your needs.  We don't need to design from scratch for each project and we don't take a punt on untested technologies.

VRT have rolled out our VSuite solutions across a range of industries including development/construction, resources, manufacturing, utilities, transport/logistics and government.  Within these industries, we focus on the operational levels of our customers' businesses.  The suites delivered span the areas of automatic data collection, automation and supervisory control systems, tracking, energy management and operations management.  They are layered with customised integration, on-site and remote support, thorough training and state of the art visualisation.

Vsuite Energy Management


Vsuite Energy is a comprehensive utility management framework that combines metering equipment, communications hardware, energy management software and energy efficiency analysis and reporting systems. Unlike the Energy Management solutions available from traditional metering equipment suppliers which work best with their own meters and offer limited integration for third-party devices, Vsuite Energy readily integrates with metering, communications, control and protection equipment from a wide range of vendors. Read more

The true nature of the IoT landscape is becoming more and more clear as the fog lifts and some of the implementation of IoT dictate the way IoT is defined. 

The IoT's landscape can be defined by two things:

  1. Things taking measurements of the world around us
  2. Things that take action based on the information gathered with the application of rules and associated data

To meet the increasing demands in the areas of smart buildings and smart cities, VRT has developed our own cloud technology based IoT management platform, WideSky®  www.widesky.cloud      Read more