VRT celebrates 25 years

2012 marks the 25th year of business for VRT Systems. We began life in 1987 in Perth as Vector International Pacific (VIP). The focus of our business at that time was as distributors and integrators for the MacroView SCADA product.


VRT Systems is pleased to announce that we have entered into a Systems Integrator Agreement with Combined Energy Technologies Australia (CETA), to provide systems integration services in Queensland for CET's energy management and communications products.

The Edge Dashboard Display

Energy Management is becoming an increasing priority for so many of our customers. In the last few months, we have delivered a wide range of services and Energy Management Systems (EMS) projects for customers including:

Tux, the Linux Mascot

Many multi-vendor integration projects involve interesting challenges, but it is rare to be involved in an experience like this.

Longwall Shearer

Business applications are now being delivered based on 3D games technology and the latest Microsoft Windows Presentation Foundation software.

Australian Department of Defence

The original Regional Utility Management System (RUMS) was completed in 2003. Since then, the system has grown in size and functionality, with the latest upgrade being completed recently by VRT.

Case for ESI

A raft of Government and legislative initiatives such as EEO, EEGO, NGER, ETS, etc. are driving businesses to implement systems to reduce the consumption of energy and to reduce their carbon footprints.


Many companies are keen to better utilise in-house staff and reduce their reliance on third parties to reduce operating costs and to help retain valued staff. VRT has been working with some of our customers to develop tools that help them achieve that.

Schneider Electric
"Schneider Electric Alliance is a network of international independent system integrators who wish to offer their customers the excellence of their know-how and the best technological solutions."

VRT has recently converted several of its Japanese MacroView customers from the Solaris operating system to Linux. Over 500 MacroView systems are operating worldwide.